Social data analytics for financial markets


Sentiment analysis

Our algorithms analyse the most relevant financial news feeds, blogs & social networks in order to find the best insights to generate powerful indicators in real time based on sentiment analysis technologies

Artificial intelligence

We create innovative prediction and pattern recognition models based on trusted machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques, to discover valuable insight in opinion and financial data that can turn into market opportunities

Big Data technologies

Our platform is based on the latest advances in Big Data technologies, enabling a robust and scalable financial data processing in real time. This guarantees an immediate and accurate reaction to financial market movements

Constant research

We are constantly reviewing the latest State of the Art developments in the social data mining, market analysis and real-time processing areas

Market monitoring

We observe the major financial markets in the world, such as NYSE or NASDAQ, in order to find the best performance of our trading strategies

Portfolio management

Our vision is designed to maximise the potential benefit of future operations, combining different approaches in top-winning trading strategies